Mainfreight Hamilton Aerial Video update

Saturday night was a perfect night with little wind to get the DJI Inspire up and about in video mode at the new Mainfreight site off Ruffells Road in Hamilton. Go to the link below for the latest video.

The new drone is proving it's worth and with a little trial and error and perseverance the results are pleasing.

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Shot with a drone

Over the past several weeks with the assistance of Barry Cox from Treechurch Gardens at Ohaupo we have shot & produced our first video for YouTube.

All of the footage bar a couple of clips with the Nikon DSLR were shot exclusively with the drone.

It took a few attempts due to light and wind, and a great deal of fast learning on Adobe Premiere Pro, but I think the results are pretty pleasing.

View the link at:    

Amazing DJI Inspire Drone First Aerial photographs

After taking possession of the DJI Inspire from the team at Snapshot cameras on Thursday, this was the first chance to set things up and have a play.

There are so many more functions available beyond what the Phantom range could do and judging from the results were getting with stills already, this DJI product will be every bit as good as what they said it would be.

It is super easy to fly and the downlink from the quadcopter to the transmitter is smooth and responsive. It truly is a beautiful piece of kit!

Next weekend it's serious videography time and a chance to see the video results.

Check out the photo's in portfolio dated 28th February under Mainfreight progress.

Aerial photography for Hamilton Real Estate

The highly competitive Real Estate Industry is looking for an edge to sell the property on their books and what better way than with the aid of drones.

Drones are the hot technology when it comes to aerial photography and videography and now that the American FAA have relaxed the laws somewhat, given the leaked draft is correct, then drones may well become a realtors best friend.

The technology and in particular the camera and sensor ability is now producing still shots that mirror those taken from a conventional DSLR camera. As always it is not the equipment, but the operator that will make the difference. Certainly how a shot is exposed or composed will ultimately be the difference between mediocre and something worthy of the property.

Not only are the cameras capable of stunning stills, but also 4K or Ultra High Definition video which is so clear that the majority of televisions cannot view it in its full resolution.

Amongst the bigger deciding factors when buyers are looking for new homes is the ability to gauge what type of neighbourhood the property is located in and also the size of the land plot. 

Drones offer Real Estate agents a cost effective way to take aerial shots of houses on their books that will make it easy for potential buyers to see what the surrounding area is like and how big their backyard will be.

Other benefits to Real Estate

  • Provides impact, a point of difference and a marketing edge.
  • Regenerate interest in slow moving properties.
  • Ability to capture entire property in one image.
  • Great for homes surrounded by bush, trees etc and not clearly visible at ground level.
  • Helps demonstrate the advantages of location.
  • Show off that landscaping or custom pool.
  • Easily identify boundaries.
  • Enable subdivision purchasers to select that perfect section.
  • Show potential of vacant land.


CAA ruling not far away, common sense to prevail!

With the accidental release of the American FAA draft rules around drones, it would appear all parties are seeing sense in what drones have to offer versus the associated risk involved.

I would imagine our own CAA will pretty much follow the lead of overseas in regards to what is expected of the drone operating community.

Like all things motorised and operational within a public domain, hopefully common sense will prevail! Let's not let the stupidity of an isolated few damage our industry.

Provided the safety and privacy of the general public aren't sacrificed in any way, it looks like being exciting times ahead for the drone community.

In line with that companies like DJI with their new Inspire 1 Quadcopter and pilot app have been proactive in limiting flight within certain range of an airport. Simply the computer inside the craft will not enable it to fly beyond certain heights dependent on the quads distance from the airport.

Current NZ CAA rules below link:


NZ House and Garden Magazine

An awesome opportunity with the team at NZ House and Garden magazine asking Cloudcutter Photo to put forward photo's from the Treechurch Wedding Venue and Gardens shoot to be posted in the April edition of NZ House and Garden.

Fantastic news and a great way to lift our profile!

Thanks to Rosemary Barraclough from House and Garden and also Barry Cox at Treechurch for the opportunity.


DJI Inspire ordered

After careful consideration and plenty of time trolling on line You tube and Vimeo video's it is clear that the Inspire is going to be a major step forward and as good as DJI promised.

With that in mind the order for Cloudcutter Photo was placed with the team at Snapshot cameras in Hamilton. The Phantom Vision was sold on Trademe so now it's me, droneless and waiting patiently for the new arrival.

With jobs booked forward at Treechurch wedding venue and others in the pipeline these are exciting times.

Watch this space for the first still and video shots using the DJI Inspire 1.

The Beginning

Welcome to my first blog post and the beginning of Cloudcutter Photography.

Already we have been fortunate to work alongside some significant clients including, Mainfreight, Hobbiton, Ullrich Aluminium & Treechurch Wedding venue.

All with unique requirements and a need for a perspective not offered by conventional photography, our cliental have been delighted with their outcomes.

We look forward to updating this blog and keeping you all abreast of the goings on at Cloudcutter and both the development of Drones and the pending legislation that surrounds them. One thing is for sure, they are here to stay!

In addition to aerial photography, don't forget we also cater for conventional photography shoots as well. Our contact information and capabilities are detailed in the about section.