CAA ruling not far away, common sense to prevail!

With the accidental release of the American FAA draft rules around drones, it would appear all parties are seeing sense in what drones have to offer versus the associated risk involved.

I would imagine our own CAA will pretty much follow the lead of overseas in regards to what is expected of the drone operating community.

Like all things motorised and operational within a public domain, hopefully common sense will prevail! Let's not let the stupidity of an isolated few damage our industry.

Provided the safety and privacy of the general public aren't sacrificed in any way, it looks like being exciting times ahead for the drone community.

In line with that companies like DJI with their new Inspire 1 Quadcopter and pilot app have been proactive in limiting flight within certain range of an airport. Simply the computer inside the craft will not enable it to fly beyond certain heights dependent on the quads distance from the airport.

Current NZ CAA rules below link: